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The Florence Real Estate Investor’s Association is an organization dedicated to helping you learn, grow and prosper as a real estate investor.

Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, Florence Real Estate Investor’s can help you learn more, earn more, and have more fun doing it. We supply & teach all required information to new and old investors alike. If you know all the strategies, have collected a large portfolio, we offer you business management strategies to increase your quality of life.

If you are new and have little or no money to invest, we supply you with the wholesaling knowledge to create money to invest into your real estate investing portfolio. New Members learn how to both wholesale and fill other investors properties creating multiple streams of income.

Florence Real Estate Investor’s Association is a group of real estate investors from the tri-county area who meet on a regular basis to share information, leads, contacts, ideas, and to help each other learn more about real estate investing through monthly meetings, mastermind groups, members socials, cash flow games, seminars, bootcamps, coaching, and other events to maximize their success..

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