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Charleston REIA first Thursday’s OPEN Meeting

Learn How to INVEST IN REAL ESTATE using Self-Directed IRA’s

Difficult economic times have spurred non-traditional methods to SAVE FOR RETIREMENT, and many people are using a self-directed IRA to purchase non-traded assets like real estate.

A self-directed IRA is the lesser known of IRA options and requires account owners to make active investments on behalf of the plan. To open one, an owner must hire a trustree or custodian to hold the IRA assets and be responsible for administering the account and filing required documents with the IRS.

Similar to other IRA accounts, owners can invest in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, but they can also invest in things that investment houses like Charles Schwabb, Fidelity and Vanguard don’t offer, like small businesses, mobile homes, boat slips, STORAGE UNITS, parking lots, land and homes.

Come to the Florence REIA this Thursday night to learn more about INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE using IRA’s and other conventional investing products. Local PRIVATE MONEY guru Patrick Riddle and other special guests will be available for members and guests to learn all about funding their real estate transactions.

If you have a self-directed IRA and would like a much higher return from real estate without getting your hands dirty, Patrick and others will show you how to make higher returns funding real estate investments as a private MONEY LENDER.  

If you are a real estate investor that would like to learn alternative ways to fund your real estate transactions, as well as private money lenders ready to invest, this is a “must attend” event for you.

Where: Embassy Suites North Florence – Airport/Hotel and Convention, 5055 International Blvd, North Florence, SC

We are serious about your success. -The Florence REIA


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