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Do People REALLY Retire in their 20’s or 30’s??

Discover How Anyone, Even a Brand Spanking Newbie, Can own Cash Flowing Properties with Creative Financing!!


Ready to start making money with Real Estate instead of a 9-5?

•  Ready to learn how not to have to go to a bank for every deal?

•  Ready to learn how to create cashflow every month instead of the quick paycheck! 

Retire by 30??




That’s probably the response everyone had when they stopped scrolling to read this post. Retire in three years? Sure, maybe if you are 67 years old or maybe tapping into  the social security funds early at 62??  Is social security and 401K investing our only hope of ever stopping work? Is there a way for the average person to retire in just three years using real estate… are all the people talking about real estate investing crazy….are they??

Well, that is the big question for anyone who dreams of real estate investing but worried it is just too risky for their family. Learn How you can retire this month at the Columbia Metro REIA by using creative financing and cashflow!!

*****Don’t miss this months meeting. Network With Fellow Investors and Learn How to Be Financially Free!*****

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you probably realize the most important factor that will determine your success as a real estate investor is your ability to not only find good investment properties but the ability to fund your real estate investments. Today’s economic future is uncertain and it’s time we come together, understand what’s going on, learn the new rules of investing for success, and get back on track to financial freedom and achieving our dreams – which for most of us includes helping our families while he

lping others and making a difference.

 Florence Real Estate Investors would like to present Robert Woodruff speaking on “The Keys To Cash Flow” and the art of Creative Financing.  

My name is Robert Woodruff and I am the Founder of North American Real Estate Investors Association. We are the premier Real Estate Investing group of North America. In conjunction with the Charleston Real Estate Investors Association we are conducting a workshop on how you can get a monthly paycheck from low risk assets and how to acquire real estate without needing a bank. This event will be unlike others you might have attended. 

If you have recently attended other so called real estate events marketed by some TV Guru expecting to see the Guru only to listen to high paid, high pressure speakers telling you they have all the secrets to make you rich if you run to the back of the room and sign up then you know how frustrating the weekend book and tape seminars can be.

We are not like some TV Guru who will tell you how great we are and sell you dreams that are not attainable, we are just real investors and business owners who conduct our own workshops, give practical advice that works in today’s economic times and give you MOTIVATED SELLER LE

ADS. If  you are tired of the same old song and dance seminars and want to receive real education in a classroom setting from the owners of the company while getting the chance to learn how I retired at the age of 32 and live off my investments. If your phone is not ringing from motivated sellers then RSVP Now for this Live Event 

I make money doing real estate deals not running around the country speaking. We work with seasoned investors along with people looking to invest in their first property. Are you ready to earn real money while helping yourself and others? 

It’s no Secret the banks are not, I repeat NOT lending MONEY to investors.

Today especially, you need a variety of sources for financing your real estate deals. I will show you many different ways to structure financing for purchasing properties along with many no-money down techniques. Robert will teach you which technique to use in what situation and why. During this workshop, you will learn how to use property owners, private lenders, hard money lenders, & other ways to finance your deals. During this workshop, we will go over your return on each investment (ROI), so you can determine how much your deal is producing from cash flow, appreciation, depreciation and more. This will help you choose from a variety of Strategies for purchasing…

•  single- family houses

•  mobile homes, 

• low risk assets 

•  commercial properties 

• ……….including Buying to hold, Fixing and flipping, renting, lease option, land contract, assigning a contract to give you and your investors the best return.


How to buy a home without a credit check (investors do this all the time)

Learn how to find great rental properties in your market area

Motivated Seller Leads available at this event discounted up to 50%

Buy a home without disclosing income, assets or employment 

Learn multiple flip and hold strategies

Learn how to create owner financing on properties and cash out at closing

How to Find Buyers

How to Find Sellers

To learn more and reserve seats for you and your guest Click Here

I will personally be attending this event and look forward to meeting you.

To Your Success,

Robert Woodruff 

Join us June 7 for Networking and Education with Robert Woodruff author of “How To Find Killer Deals” and “The Keys To Cash Flow”

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