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“Getting Rich in today’s market with bank-owned foreclosures and ‘rent-smart’ lease options”

Fortune Magazine is dedicated to teaching people how to make money. Come and find out why Fortune Magazine recommended Andy Heller’s Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High Strategy as being one of the top five strategies for building wealth through real estate. Andy will explain why his proven and diversified program for real estate investing offers investors an unprecedented opportunity for building wealth and taking control of their financial futures in today’s real estate market. Give us just 2-3 hours per week, and we will show you how easy it is to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in real estate investing.


Problem: With many strategies an investor’s profit is highly dependent on property appreciation, and in a market that is stable or even cooling, an investor runs a risk of minimizing profits or even losing money.

Solution: With the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High system profits ARE NOT dependent on property appreciation. Appreciation is simply a BONUS on top of the core profit sources.


Problem: Most investment models have just 2-3 profit sources, and if things do not go exactly according to plan, the investor runs a risk of losing money or minimizing profit.

Solution: Learn the six different profit sources in the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High model


Problem: Most investment models cover only one or two of the three pillars of real estate investing, again leaving investors at risk if things do not go exactly according to plan.

Solution: The Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High investment model maximizes profits and minimizes headaches by using all three pillars, buying, renting, and selling.


Problem: A key aspect of many programs is that the investor profits at the expense of disadvantaged or distressed sellers, and/or one-sided landlording arrangements.

Solution: The Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High program offers at it’s core a win/win formula, with everyone the investor comes in contact with: sellers, tenants, and others. The seminar will cover the three pillars of real estate investing:



Buy Low

1. Learn how to consistently purchase real estate below market.

2. Learn how to identify the right type of property for your preferred investment model.

3. Learn about the best ways to buy discount properties today. Take a deep dive into the Buy Low, Rent Smart, Sell High preferred method of buying low: bank-owned foreclosures (aka post-foreclosures and REO Properties).

4. Learn what most investors do when calling banks without success…and learn the Regular Riches way to successfully approach banks

5. SPECIAL FOR WHOLESALERS….Learn how to buy from banks that do not allow wholesaler assignment, and why banks are the absolute best source for discount properties when wholesaling!!!!

6. Learn about financing your purchases

7. Learn our formula for establishing the Maximum Purchase Price for all types of properties, regardless of type, condition, or your investment strategy

8. Learn how to negotiate to a successful purchase


Rent Smart

1. Learn about Lease/Purchasing

2. Learn how to establish the right lease/purchase terms

3. Learn how to minimize Repairs and maintenance headaches…let other landlords deal with them…not you!

4. Learn how to reach out and advertise to find the best tenants

5. Learn the ten point checklist for selecting the best tenants

6. How buy and flip investors and buy and hold investors can benefit from lease/purchasing in today’s real estate market


Selling High

1. Learn how to sell properties without paying real estate commissions

2. Learn how to sell properties for fair market value without discounting

3. Learn how to quickly get your property under contract


All those who pre-register for this full day workshop at the end of the workshop receive a free copy of Andy and Scott’s best selling book, “Buy Even Lower”.


Andy’s seminar will be interactive and the attendees will be engaged to work examples after Andy presents first how they do it. Scott Frank and Andy Heller have approximately 50 years of combined real estate investing experience. During this time, they have bought, rented and sold approximately 100 properties. They have done this while holding full-time jobs and putting their families first.


Seminar attendees should bring calculators to the seminar.


Have a look at reviews of the seminar at www.buylowrentsmart.com



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