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Sue Nelson Talks Commercial Real Estate, Apartments and Super Creative Deal Making at our Charleston REIA General Meeting for a FREE 60 minute Training Session, DON’T MISS HER ON FEBRUARY 7TH!

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Commercial Real Estate, Apartments, Super Creative Deal Making Workshop!

with Sue Nelson

Seven years ago Sue Nelson was a very happy high school teacher. She loved her job, she had no money, and she had a stack of unpaid bills. Money meant nothing to her.

Sue looked for ways to make money and was attracted to the big profits that could be made quickly in real estate. Having virtually no money of her own, she had to find creative ways to buy properties and raise money from private investors. She quickly discovered (and created) little-used techniques that allowed her to take control over numerous commercial and residential properties with as little equity as possible.

Today – just a short seven years later – Sue and her partners own over 1,500 apartment units and she is one of the world’s leading experts on commercial and residential real estate. You have probably seen her on NBC, ABC, CBS or the FOX network – or on one of many stages worldwide – sharing her wealth building strategies.

Sue has constructed almost every type of creative real estate deal: commercial short sales, loan modifications, options, master leases, JV agreements, note buys, you name it. She’s repositioned all of her assets to create massive value and is the queen of understanding how to cash-flow apartments and ferret out hidden pitfalls overlooked by even the most experienced investors.

Sue developed a powerful software program that analyzes property as if she herself was looking over the investor’s shoulder. She has raised over $25 million in private money to fund her deals, and has conventionally financed over $50 million. Sue has instructed thousands of people and coached hundreds of students – creating many multimillionaires along the way.

One of Sue’s key strategies is buying apartments in the form of REOs and notes from failing U.S. banks. The banking crisis has created an opportunity to acquire commercial properties at deep discounts and Susan’s students have proven these opportunities can be found anywhere.

Susan will show you how to profit massively from real estate acquisitions in your own backyard, and in other markets far away and investing in emerging markets. This window of opportunity will be open for the next two and a half years so come see what she has to say, and be prepared to change your financial life forever!

Speaking Bio

Sue has spoken on large national and international stages from as far as Sydney Australia to the entire United States hosted by popular promoters such as T.Harv Ecker, David Lindahl, Wealth Rock, Get Motivated, National REIA and other REIA’s, Jeff Kaller, Wendy Patton, Richard and Veronica Tan and many others. She’s shared the stage with Ron LeGrand, Jeff Adams, Larry Goins, Bob Diamond, Cameron Dunlap, Chris Bowser, Than Merrill, Saen Higgins, Marco Koslovsky, Nick Sidoti, Bill Cosby, Suze Orman, Laura Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Lance Armstrong, Steve Forbes, Erin Brockvich Larry King, James Smith, Ryan Smith and many others. From these stages Sue has sold her own home study course and bootcamps, David Lindahl’s and Wealthrocks bootcamps, coaching programs, all-in-one packages and home study courses.

She is the recipient of Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association’s “Woman of the Year 2012” award. CREIA is a tri-state investment club with over 6,000 members.

Sue spent four years speaking for David Lindahl. She traveled around the U.S. teaching the entire Day One of his 2-day “wealth builder” series, and hosted Day 2.

Having developed and implemented her own very successful coaching curriculum, Sue has coached very wealthy people and students to millions. She is infectiously passionate about the industry and knows how to make learning fun. Sue commands attention immediately with instant credibility from her real-life experience.

Sue’s approach appeals to both men and women regardless of their of level of experience. She’s honest and ethical and possesses a flawless track record of integrity in business. She has no blemishes, and always operates with the upmost integrity.

There are very few questions about real estate (commercial or residential) and raising private money that Sue can’t answer. Safe to say, if she doesn’t know the answer, not many other people do either, so she feels confident finding out the answer.

She’s coached many students to millions of dollars of net worth, both nationally and internationally. Sue provides a solid understanding of the overall national marketplace and emerging markets. Sue has instructed students from countries like Canada, Australia, London, and China on how to purchase properties in their own backyards, and in America.

Sue has never been late, nor canceled, nor missed a speaking engagement for any reason of any kind. She is a true team player in every sense of the word and enjoys working with others, and is always flexible and easy to work with.

Show up on time, mute your phones, and be prepared to consume an enormous amount of information with Sue Nelson.

Buying From Banks: Commercial REOs, Notes and Super Creative Deal Making – Sue Nelson

• How to make massive profits step-by-step by purchasing REOs and notes directly from banks.

• How to take advantage of the banking crisis from the comfort of your own home – no matter where you’re located and regardless of your experience!

• Why NOW is the time to buy from the most motivated seller in the market: banks!

• How you can do this business with NO experience whatsoever.

• Why bank -owned notes and properties are so plentiful and marked down at such a HUGE discount.

• How to get past the gatekeepers and have them open their inventory up to YOU.

• How to utilize software that will identify a great deal for you within minutes and just a few numbers from you.

• How to fund your project, whether you’re purchasing a note or hard asset.

• How to maximize your profits from the strategy of your choice, whether it’s wholesaling, flipping properties, joint ventures, buy and hold, you name it!

Sue Nelson is principal owner-operator of over 1,500 apartment units and a professional commercial real estate investor who has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX television.

Tuition is $19.95 per person, and you can bring a guest for $9.95!! RSVP Now. Limited Seating Available.

Registration begins at 8:00 am

Workshop begins at 8:30am

Out of town guests are invited to stay: The Radisson has given us a promotional rate of $79 per night, All you have to do is mention the Florence REIA and request their Business Room. If you need help securing that rate, please do not hesitate to let us know and we’ll give them a call.

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