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The Keys to Cash Flow 3-Day LIVE Day Transformative Event

The Keys to Cash Flow

The Month of April Includes the 4 Most Powerful Training Days of the Entire Year.

April 6th: How to Find Killer Deals

April 12th, 13th, & 14th: The Keys to Cash Flow

Robert’s been investing for nearly two decades amassing a fortune in real estate. His coaching programs and materials literally retire new students within months. Robert is President of The Florence & Myrtle Beach Real Estate Investing Associations and actively consults REIA groups across Continental North America. Robert may look familiar as you most likely have seen one of his nationally televised infomercials.

This program was written to help new and experienced investors alike understand the necessity of cash flow. Learn how to build cash flow by using all the creative financing and creative marketing strategies that experienced real estate investors use to amass billions of dollars in residential and commercial real estate. Learn how to find mobile homes and other assets for pennies-on-the-dollar!! On the “very first day” of this event, Robert will have your phone ringing-off-the-hook with sellers who would PAY YOU to take their homes.

This event will not train “section-by-section” of all the vast material covered in The Keys to Cash Flow system. This event is meant to be an extention of the 4 part system. At this event, we will be actively calling back motivated sellers, learn how to buy, negotiate, fix, market, and fill properties. For better results, It is suggested that you obtain and consume all the information within The Keys to Cash Flow System before attending this event.

How to Acquire Your Vacation Home in Key West from Robert Woodruff on Vimeo.

“The Keys to Cash Flow Coaching Student Testimonial”

Meet Keys to Cashflow Star Coaching Student! from Robert Woodruff on Vimeo.

This is an Extremely Powerful 3-Day Event

If you are serious about your success; It is suggested that all attendees be well-rested and prepared to consume an enormous amount of information. This event has been known to have students “in-the-weeds” by the second day. Be prepared, bring snacks, and be well rested.

OMG!!! Tickets for this event are being given away to REIA Members at $99.00

What? Are You Serious??? …YES, YES, YES!

To be better prepared for this event; it is suggested to obtain your KEYS study system prior to the event. Suggested review time includes reading the system (atleast once)and listening to the audio 2-3 times before attending this event. If you cannot obtain your materials before the event, you can obtain them during the event. Material cost is $1,297.00. Rsvp on this site and contact Dr. Woodruff @ 843-708-2267 to reserve your materials or Visit: www.thekeystocashflow.com for tickets.

Location to be determined upon class size.